Inner Transition Community

Inner Transition Community of Presence and Practice

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September 29, 2023 (3:00 PM - 4:30 PM UTC)

A caring safe space to regenerate in community, share presence, feel, support each other… just come as you are.\ More info and (free) registration: []( ![](file-guid:a21ca6ff-4484-4144-a645-e3686cd9f0ec "Interbeingness -Septiembre.png") Join this space of 1.5 hour if you feel the calling to be a vessel for inner resilience and human harmony along with your community, dear friends and family.\ \ We'll be connecting with the medicine of silence and stillness, with gratitude, empathy, love, sensing together the collective field, sharing creativity, healing, inspiration, challenges, grieving, joy... whatever that is alive in us in the present moment, just as it is, to nurture each other through the sacred presence. \ \ This time the event will be hosted in 2 groups simultaneously according to your language preference: **English and French.** \ \ **Feel free to register and share the invitation** with every being you believe could enjoy this experience. 
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